Over 70% projects and transformation efforts fail – why? Significantly due to inadequate “change management” preparation and execution efforts. We provide the tools, the know-how and the constructive challenge to enable you to be in the best position to realize the benefits of your project/programmes.

Our ‘change management’ portfolio of offerings includes

 1. A ‘Change Framework’ – Tools, guidance, training for your executive/senior leadership teams and other identified professionals.

 2. Assessment/Audit of your current change/project foundations – identified areas of weakness and specific recommendations.

 3. Specific interventions around change/people related areas including High Performing Teams, Leadership Development, Communications, ‘Rapid, action Events - all through facilitated workshops/conferences.

 4. And expertise where you don’t currently have the right capability/skills in-house

Above all, we aim to act as your ‘trusted advisor’ providing advice, support and constructive challenge drawn from experience gained from world renowned consulting and blue-chip organisations.