Design & Deploy:

Our solutions are expertly designed and deployed in days — all with your requirements in mind. We want our customers to be receiving an enhanced experience as soon as possible without deficiencies.

Using standard modelling tools and techniques we will sit down with your subject matter experts to understand how your business operations currently work, documenting these workflows to produce BPMN-compliant process flow diagrams.

Process optimization:

Following the modelling of your processes being we then analyse the business metrics and provide recommendations on how your organisation can optimise these processes. This includes identifying bottlenecks, as well as opportunities for simplification and automation.

If it cannot be tracked it, you cannot be changed.  Our team capture’s the measurements that form your key performance indicators (KPIs) to make accurate and informed decisions based on your BPM process to optimise and increase efficiencies.

Scope of services:​

  • Create a digital strategy

  • Enable digital creation, innovation and learning

  • Create readily deployable digital assets via a microservices framework

  • Build digital products and services for Banking, Health Care and Retail

  • User Interface and User Experience Design

  • Software Licensing

  • BPM Architecture - Solution & Technical

  • Sizing & Scaling

  • BPM Installation / Administration

  • BPM Implementation

  • Performance Tuning